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Takaful myMotor

Takaful myMotor provides cover to your vehicle against loss or damage as well as third party legal liabilities.

There are 2 types to choose​ from:

  • Comprehensive Cover
    Benefit will be paid for loss, or damage to own vehicle due to accidents, theft or accidental fire. To purchase online, please click here.
  • Third Party Cover
    Benefit will be paid in the event of death, or body injury against liabilities to 3rd party, and damages to 3rd party vehicles, or property caused by your own car. This cover is not available online.

For a greater protection, you may also opt for additional coverage of the following:

  • windscreen damage
  • passenger liability cover
  • special perils such as flood, windstorms, typhoons, landslides, etc
  • strike, riot and civil commotion
  • and many more

What’s unique about us… the FIRST and only Takaful operator in the country to consistently reward our customers with a 15% Cash Back* should there be no claims within the coverage period.

Car accidents or breakdowns could leave you stranded, and frustrated. Our 24/7 Tele Bantuan programme is specially designed to get your car back on the road with minimal inconvenience to you. You can easily access to more than 200 recognised workshops nationwide.

To learn more about Te​le ​Bantuan, please click h​ere​.

*Cash Back is subject to company performance and no claims incurred during the coverage period.

Takaful myMotor – Private Car Product Disclosure Sheet.
Takaful myMotor – Private Car Full ​Certificate.​

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