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  • Takaful myMortgage

    Takaful myMortgage

    Owning a home is everybody`s dream – a place where our loved ones could gain a sense of security and shelter. Buying a home is definitely a milestone in a person`s lifetime and it is important we should take steps to look beyond the present and protect the future as well.

    With Takaful myMortgage, you can safeguard your home and family against the unexpected, so that they will not be burdened with mortgage repayments or face the possibility of losing their home.

    This plan is eligible for individuals between 18 to 65 years old with a financing/loan facility. The coverage amount reduces according to the tenure making it the perfect choice for covering against term loans.

  • Invesment Funds

    Investment Funds

    It is a known fact that our needs change at different stages of life. Takaful Malaysia has a wide range of funds for you to choose from based on your financial goals and helps you to fulfill your investment objective at different stages of life.

    You can opt to top up your investment anytime or switch between funds depending on your risk appetite.

    All our investment funds are shariah-compliant funds and these funds are benchmarked against FBM Emas Shariah Index (“FBMSI”) – a shariah-compliant benchmark for the Malaysian market adjusted for investability, liquidity and transparent ground rules.

    Below are the brief descriptions of the investment funds offered:
    Fund Investment Objective Risk ProfileInvestment Focus
    myGrowth FundTo achieve both capital growth and dividend income.HighInvest primarily in blue-chip stocks and companies with high growth prospects and attractive dividend yields.
    myEquity Index FundTo track the performance of FBM EMAS Shariah Index. Moderate to HighInvest mainly in the top 40 of the FBM EMAS Shariah Index component stocks.
    myBlue Chips FundTo achieve consistent capital growth in the long run.Moderate to HighInvest primarily in big market capitalisation stocks of FBM EMAS Shariah Index.
    myDividend Fund To achieve steady dividend income stream and potential capital growth over long termModerate to HighInvest primarily in dividend yield stocks with minimum annual gross dividend of 4% as well as blue-chip stocks.
    myBalanced Fund To achieve more stable income stream and consistent capital growth over medium-to-long term. Low to ModerateInvest in a balanced portfolio of both Equity and Fixed Income Securities. Equity (min 10%-Max 40%) & Islamic Private Debt Securities (IPDS) (min 10%- max 60%). The balance in Islamic money market instruments.
    For further details about our investment funds, you may refer to the fund fact sheet available in here









Please visit our nearest Takaful myCare Centres or provide your contact details here and we will connect you with our agents.​​