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Takaful Longterm Houseowners

Takaful Longterm Houseowners is a comprehensive long term scheme to protect your home from loss or damage caused by any of the following:

  • Fire, Lightning, Thunderbolt, Subterranean Fire
  • Explosion
  • Aircraft and other aerial device and/or articles dropped wherefrom
  • Impact with any of the buildings by any road vehicles, animals not belonging to or under the control of the participant or his family
  • Bursting or Overflowing of Domestic Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes
  • Theft by violent and forcible entry into building
  • Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm
  • Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption
  • Flood

The coverage provided is on a long term basis depending on the tenure of the loan provided by our bank partners.

In addition, our individual customers will be rewarded with cash back should there be no claims within the coverage period.

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