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Takaful myTravel Partner

An annual travel Personal Accident plan with attractive additional benefits catering to the evolving needs of travellers today.

Key highlights of Takaful myTravel Partner include:

  • Annual cover – unlimited number of trips
  • Covers business and leisure travel
  • Maximum age limit up to 79 years
  • 24-hour emergency assistance hotline
  • No excess imposed on claims
  • Personal Accident benefits up to RM300,000
  • Medical and related benefits up to RM300,000
  • No limit on emergency evacuation and repatriation benefits
  • Extra covers for travel inconvenience and other related benefits
  • Badal Haji benefit, golf equipment cover and many more
  • Travel assistance services (as per table below)*

*Purely on a referral arrangement and coordination basis.
No. Services ​Description of Services
1 Ambassador Services
Details such as addresses, contact numbers and opening hours of the nearest appropriate consulates and embassies worldwide.
2 Emergency Interpreter Referrals
Details such as names, addresses and contact numbers of interpreters worldwide.
3 Flight Information
Information regarding the flight schedules.
4 Global Weather and Foreign Exchange Information
Information on foreign weather conditions as well as foreign exchange rates.
5 Legal Firm Referral
Details such as names, addresses and contact numbers of the legal practitioners and lawyers worldwide.
6 Loss of Luggage and Passport Assistance
Details such as names and telephone numbers of the persons or parties for assistance in the event of loss of luggage or passport.
7 Medical Contact Assistance
Details such as names, addresses and contact numbers of the nearest hospitals and clinics.
8 Visa, Passport and Inoculation Requirements
Information concerning Visa, inoculation, passport or immunization requirements of the foreign countries.

In the event of an emergency assistance, please contact our 24-hour hotline: +603 – 7628 3905.

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