Takaful Malaysia

Foreign Workers Hospitalisation & Surgical Scheme (SKHPPA)

To reduce the financial burden due to the hospitalization cost of the foreign workers

Given the increasing Hospital and Surgical charges, this plan will help the employer reduce the financial burden in the event of hospital admission of their foreign workers to a non-corporatized Malaysian Government Hospital due to an accident or illness.​​

Key Benefits

Annual limit of up to RM20,000

Room & Board of up to RM160

Cover ICU for up to 15 days



The present and future full-time foreign worker employees of the certificate owner

From the age of eighteen (18) to sixty (60) years, who are actively engaged in their usual work

Coverage period: 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Yes. The SKHPPA and FWCS are two different schemes and both are compulsory

Yes. The employer can advance the payment for the required contribution and then subsequently deduct the same from the foreign worker’s salary

The annual contribution is RM120 per foreign worker per annum and coverage will take effect upon registration with the contribution duly paid. The annual contribution is subjected to a 8% Service Tax.

Not necessary, as long as the foreign workers are legally working in Malaysia and have passed the medical examination administered by Fomema Sdn. Bhd. (FOMEMA)

The benefit(s) payable under eligible product is protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) up to limits. Please refer to PIDM’s Takaful and Insurance Benefits Protection System (TIPS) Brochure or contact Takaful Malaysia or PIDM (visit www.pidm.gov.my/en).

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