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About Tele Bantuan Services

We can never predict if we are going to have a vehicle breakdown – be it a flat battery or a punctured tyre. The good news is, we are there for you when it happens with our Tele Bantuan services at your side to help you.

Tele Bantuan is our 24/7 emergency assistance program provided to all our eligible participants with a Comprehensive Private Motor Takaful and Comprehensive Motorcycle Takaful coverage.

What is covered under Tele Bantuan?

    1. Breakdown
      If your vehicle experiences a breakdown, you are entitled to the following services:

        1. 24/7 Minor Roadside Repair
          Our Tele Bantuan provider will assist and repair the vehicle on the roadside with free labour costs up to 2 hours. Minor roadside repairs are those that can be done on the spot. E.g. jump start services, change of battery or tires, emergency delivery of petrol and/or minor wiring work.However, all other costs incurred including replacement of vehicle spare parts during the repairs and road toll charges, if any, will be borne by you.


      1. ​​​24/7 Towing Service
        If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, our Tele Bantuan provider will provide free towing service up to 50km (one-way trip) for Private Car and up to 30km (one-way trip) for Motorcycle per incident from breakdown scene to the nearest Takaful Malaysia’s panel workshop. For additional distance exceeding the specified distance, you shall bear the additional costs at RM2.00 per km.For Comprehensive Motorcycle Takaful coverage, these benefits are only applicable for first time utilization during the Period of Takaful. The participants shall bear the total cost for any subsequent assistance requested.


  1. Accident
    If your vehicle meets with an accident, our Tele Bantuan provider will provide free towing service up to a maximum of RM200 for Private Car and a maximum of RM50 for Motorcycle to the nearest Takaful Malaysia’s panel workshop.



  1. Tele Bantuan Services are only available in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak.
  2. Please click here for events that are not covered under Tele Bantuan Services.


Who should I contact in the event of vehicle breakdown or accident?

You can request assistance via our mobile app under the Tele Bantuan for an immediate response.

Otherwise, you may contact our 24 hours Tele Bantuan helpline at 1800-888-788.

Disclaimer: Takaful Malaysia reserves the right to revise the benefits and exclusions for the Tele Bantuan Program without prior notice to the eligible participants.


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